Industrial Zones, Technology Parks & SEZ Planning

4th Dimension’s professionally versatile & dynamic team equally specializes in carrying out pre-feasibility & feasibilty assessments, planning and infrastructure design for industrial areas, industrial estates, zones, SEZs’, EPZ’s, Technology Parks and also includes strategic and policy  planning for industrial developments further including:

·       Carrying out pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for  manufacturing,  service industry and science & technology parks.

·       Site validation studies

·       Conceptual layouts and master planning for industrial and technology zones

·       Industrial policy, rules and regulations

·       Incentives and concessions plans

·       Development and preparations of applications for SEZ  approval in context of local SEZ laws/rules.

·       Infrastructure planning and engineering design for industrial and technology zones.

·       Preparation of solicited and unsolicited proposal under Public Private Partnership models.

·       Development of TORs etc. for carrying out development proposals for industrial zones.

·       Environmental and social management planning.

·       Waste treatment, remediation and management planning.

·       Preparation of environmental assessment reports for industrial developments.