Creating & Shaping Sustainable Spaces

4th Dimensions’ plan & design philosophy focuses on creating environmentally sustainable communities that are diverse, mixed-use, and pedestrian friendly. The firm places a special emphasis on fostering places that provide a range of housing in close proximity to shopping, jobs, recreation, and transit oriented sustainable communities that offer realistic housing and transportation choices. Our projects range from urban infill / regeneration to large scaled regional & development plans. The challenge of contemporary urban design is in synthesizing the diverse needs of modern households with the timeless need for human scale, civic identity, and ecological sustainability. In addressing this challenge, ‘4th Dimension’ has been an endeavoring partner in developing the concepts of Sustainable Urban Development rather to practice adhocism. It is the skill and vision of highly qualified staff motivated by continuing success,    which enables 4th Dimension to continue as a dynamic and prosperous organization to Create and Shape Sustainable Future Spaces and Communities